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Ms. Chuleerath Chaiyodsilp, B.Sc. Pharm. (honor), M.S. Pharm., is the company's general manager and leading pharmacist and scientist. After receiving a master's degree in pharmaceutical science in 1987, Chuleerath joined a research team at Ministry of Public Health. However, later in 1989 she quit her job at the ministry to concentrate on Thai herb research of her own.

In 1999, she obtained the patent of her first herbal product, REVITA and in 2003 she started JIVA Hair and Scalp Center. Now, 49, Mrs. Chuleerath is a mother of two children and still keeps on research work with her team of Thai pharmacists and scientists. She also appears very often on Thai media such as television and magazines as an invited hair herbal specialist and a successful small business entrepreneur.

In 2006, the company has expanded to open the second JIVA Hair Care Center in Sukhumvit area under the name of Jiva Hair Health Treatment Center. The center, which combines the modern medicine and traditional Thai medicine together in its Products and techniques have enjoyed very warm welcome from the customers. The company keeps on doing its research to develop Thai herbs for hair and to lower the customers' expense in taking care of hair.


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